Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why Women Don’t Have to Objectify Themselves on Oct. 31



Source: Deseret News

   It is currently hard to be a man talking about the importance of modesty.  To admit that seeing a woman in revealing clothing makes our “minds wander” has recently been reflected back on to us.  As if to say inappropriate images leading to inappropriate thoughts are some how a sign of our individual deviant nature.  Us men who desire to live chaste lives have a lot to tempt us and it takes a lot of moral and mental strength to refocus our thoughts when presented with content that objectifies women.  It’s like having headphones on playing “I Like to Move it” from Madagascar on repeat… all day.   When they day ends and you are safe in the refuge of your home, what song do you think will be going through your head?  It is going through my head now.  Is it going through yours? 

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